It is common knowledge that our daily lives at #PORTUS are particularly dedicated to all things regarding M&A. Yet PORTUS is not only about #sales and #successions related to #successionplanning, but also supports entrepreneurs in their search for #expansionfinancing and #diversification_potential, e.g. with the #help of strategic business acquisitions.

AND YET: Is everything settled once the contract has been formally signed?

What happens afterwards? Is it wise to leave the rest up to chance? Not a good idea!

The following questions may help you gather the magnitude of the way ahead:

- How do you define your company culture? How is each side represented? What are your enterprise’s strengths and values?

- What can you do when different company cultures clash?

- How do you and your (existing and new) members of staff handle the situation? What are you striving for?

- Who or what in your inner circle may help you?

- Which departments or positions can be merged, which ones become obsolete?

- How can already existing projects and services be brought in line with one another, or maybe be developed even further?

- How can structures and processes be adjusted or modified?

- What may be omitted and what may stay (the same)?

- Which side positively supports sustainability and digitalisation within your company structure?

- What are your particular hopes for the future for yourself, your business and for your members of staff?


With the help of our #team, consisting of PORTUS musketeers, senior experts and networking partners, we are able to guide and sensitize you on your way. By the end, we will have created a perfect business cocktail, which will hopefully be according to the tastes of the majority of your internal and external #stakeholders.

It might not be easy – but it will be thrilling! What are you waiting for?

EN GARDE! We are looking forward to your questions – your PORTUS team!

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