» When preparing the business plan and for the first corporate financing via the High-Tech Gründerfonds and subsidies, Portus Corporate Finance was involved as start-up coach. Everything went very well. We got to know the Portus team as being very committed and pragmatic. «

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sabel
Serial Entrepreneur, Founder,EBS Technologies GmbH


Optimal funding structure: We prepare your financing and work together with you to implement it. We use the full range of funding options and rely on proven partners – solid funding is the foundation for the success of any company.

Range of services


Investors buy shares of companies and participate in the value and future success of these companies by owning risk-bearing equity. The investors’ goal is to increase corporate value, in order to generate a profit from trading their shares.

Equity can either be invested as private equity or as venture capital. Private Equity investors are looking for companies that are already established and have a stable cash flow. In contrast, Venture Capital is often provided for young growth companies, whose increase in value is still associated with high risks and uncertainties.

Mezzanine capital is a mixture between equity and debt. It combines individual characteristics of both forms of financing, and is characterized by its subordination to traditional (senior) debt.

Depending on the amount, mezzanine capital can be classified as equity for accounting and as debt for taxation. Thus, companies can increase their equity ratio and strengthen their balance sheet structure.

A major advantage of mezzanine financing is the flexibility of the arrangement, for example, with need-based retrieval options, performance-related remuneration, changing interest rates during the time to maturity, and flexible repayments.

Supporting our clients’ day-to-day financial management, we take care of controlling and reporting. Working together with tax consultants and accountants we can support your accounting management and preparation of financial statements. We also accompany the auditing process. We will arrange committee meetings (supervisory board, general meeting) and perform the necessary follow-ups and assist in corporate organization and administration. Other areas of our operational activities include Investor Relations, Treasury, Risk Management and Insurance Management.

This is a temporary capital commitment, contractually specified, and at a fixed interest rate. Regarding repayment, debt is senior to equity. Classical debt is granted by banks. Debt financing is also feasible in cooperation with credit funds and other investors.

In leasing agreements, the lessor provides the lessee an asset in exchange for a fixed leasing rate to be paid during a determined lease term.

Stock financing is an alternative to classical loan financing. The goal of stock financing is to capitalize the goods in stock by releasing the liquidity bound there. As a result, the company can obtain a continuous line of funding, while the goods in stock serve as collateral.

For order financing, funds can be provided to secure the processing of an order. In this way, a company can be enabled to finance the necessary materials goods and third-party services that are necessary for fulfilling a contract.

The state grants numerous subsidies to companies, as do various development banks. These funds can be awarded as grants, concessional loans or loan guarantees.


Based on your needs, we create a feasible financing concept that meets your goals by combining different financial instruments. To generate interest among investors, we will collaborate with you to develop the optimal investment proposition. The cornerstones of such a proposition include clear growth markets, a realistic and compelling product portfolio, development projects, and a well-functioning team and existing networks.

Together with you we will develop a robust financial plan. This will reflect your business model and the projected development of the company.

The business plan includes a concise description of your business model, of your company, of the objectives to be financed and of the commercial impact of the project(s) to be funded.

In addition, we can create summary documents as required – from investment memoranda to presentations.

Based on the intended financing concept, we will produce a list of suitable financing partners and investors and make initial contacts with non-confidential material such as an anonymised teaser.

We also can accompany and advise you in negotiations with investors, from initial contact until contract closure. As part of this we can also actively support and administer the due diligence phase.

Case Study


A Stuttgart-based company (turnover: EUR 30 million) required financing of EUR 10 million for a development project. Following a recommendation, an initial interview with Portus took place in February and in March a contract for the support of the financing was completed. In addition to a fixed monthly remuneration, the contract was mainly based on a performance-based fee.


After evaluation of the investment project, together with the company, we created an exposé and a financial plan which explained the exact capital needs including potential repayment schemes.

At the same time we prepared a financing concept, selecting potential investors from our established networks in venture capital, private equity and family office sectors. After 6 weeks of preparation we began to approach the investors. Because of the familiarity with the processes and due to our long-standing business relationships, we were able to arrange appointments quickly.


After discussions with about 10 investors a financing structure emerged, consisting of an investment from an investment company, a bank loan and subsidies. In about three months, this contract was finally drafted and signed. The financing process was completed within six months.


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