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Acquisition and sale of companies

Company takeovers are usually not part of the daily business of companies. It is important that it fits strategically, that the purchase price is not unreasonable and that risks remain manageable. Tax issues and solid financing also play a role. On the basis of many years of experience in advising medium-sized companies, we have compiled this practical guide to the topic of company acquisition/sale.
With a little preparation, a successful sale or takeover is feasible for any entrepreneur!

Corporate Finance

Medium-sized companies, which generally only deal with financing issues when there is a concrete reason to do so, are less familiar with the possibilities and procedures. For this reason, entrepreneurs and management are often too busy with questions of day-to-day business and corporate strategy.
With this book, which brings together contributions from authors with practical experience, we would like to contribute to ensuring that small and medium-sized enterprises also find access to alternative forms of financing and benefit from the wide range of offers.

Company Succession

As with all forms of company sale, tax and legal aspects naturally play a decisive role in succession. Both areas are discussed by experts in this book. After a successful handover, the entrepreneur faces the challenge of a sustainable investment. We have also dedicated a section to this topic.
A checklist at the end of the book provides an overview of the key questions that need to be answered in the case of business succession.

Einschätzung der Pateo Investments GmbH

2022 | Marktkommentar

Einschätzung der Pateo Investments GmbH

Die geopolitische Lage ist weiterhin unübersichtlich, der Krieg in der Ukraine überschattet weiterhin das Tagesgeschehen, auch an den Kapitalmärkten.
Aber natürlich gibt es gerade jetzt auch viele Fragen und Unsicherheiten bei den Investoren, darum wollen wir versuchen, einige nüchterne Fakten zum Markt für Sie zusammenzutragen. Wie von fast allen Analysten erwartet, standen seit Beginn des Jahres die Entwicklung der Inflation und der Zinsen im Mittelpunkt aller Betrachtungen und Überlegungen.

Why crowd investing is becoming increasingly interesting for medium-sized companies

2021 | Finanzierung

Why crowd investing is becoming increasingly interesting for medium-sized companies

Growth and expansion are among the fundamental goals of many successful entrepreneurs. However, most projects already fail due to the necessary financing, as banks usually require a fixed equity share.

Vanishing point Rio de la Plata

2020 | Politik und Gesellschaft

Vanishing point Rio de la Plata

Fluchtpunkt Rio de la Plata" - the latest book by our senior partner Dr. Bernd Wulffen (retired ambassador) deals with the flight of about 40,000 German Jews to Argentina from 1933 onwards.