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Vanishing point Rio de la Plata

15. März 2020 | Politik und Gesellschaft

Vanishing point Rio de la Plata

Fluchtpunkt Rio de la Plata" - the latest book by our senior partner Dr. Bernd Wulffen (retired ambassador) deals with the flight of about 40,000 German Jews to Argentina from 1933 onwards.

Although they did not always find easy living conditions in Argentina, they were glad to have escaped the Nazis. Many, including academics, were able to build a new existence on the Rio de la Plata.  
However, the political environment was precarious after the Nazis had also established a base in Argentina and tried to influence society in alliance with conservative forces in their interests. During his work at the German Embassy in Buenos Aires, Dr. Wulffen got to know and appreciate a number of emigrated German Jews. His book can be purchased at Amazon, among others.