Portus Corporate Finance

Portus is an established practice-oriented consulting firm that supports organizations across the spectrum of corporate financing and development. We have proven expertise in financing, M&A, business development, succession management, CFO-Services as well as in coaching and strategic consulting.

14 Employees
308 Completed projects
14 years successfully on the market
400 Volume of transactions
25 Current mandates

» Portus Corporate Finance has been our partner for over three years. As a part-time manager, Mr Fink is in charge of our finance department. This includes planning, controlling, preparation of shareholders’ meetings and contractual matters. The collaboration is highly efficient and has proven to be excellent. «

Prof. Dr. Heiko von der Leyen
MD,Hannover Clinical Trial Center GmbH


We have successfully completed many challenging projects with our clients. We will gladly provide further information and references upon request.

2011/2012 and 2014