Portus Corporate Finance

Portus is an established practice-oriented consulting firm that supports organizations across the spectrum of corporate financing and development. We have proven expertise in financing, M&A, business development, succession management, CFO-Services as well as in coaching and strategic consulting.

13 Employees
308 Completed projects
14 years successfully on the market
400 Volume of transactions
25 Current mandates

» β€œFor quite a while, me and my wife had been thinking about how to deal with the problem of corporate succession. Our goal was to find a solution which guaranteed the independence and sustainable, continued existence of our company advita. At this point, Portus came into play. The team approached and selected financial investors using a structured process, so that eventually we could decide for the solution that suited us best. On the one hand, by selling shares, we were able to realize a part of the value that was created in recent years. On the other hand, the company was given the liquidity to fund future growth. Besides, a reliable and adequately qualified partner entered the group of shareholders, and we will still be in a position to exert a decisive influence on the business for years to come. Portus organized this process in a transparent, quick, unerring, and – most importantly – successful manner.” «

Dr. Michael Faensen
MD,Hannover Clinical Trial Center GmbH


We have successfully completed many challenging projects with our clients. We will gladly provide further information and references upon request.